Can't add new merit badge to scout - new condition?

An old problem showed back up for one of our troops recently, but with slightly different conditions. For a single scout who had been in the troop for more than two years, the troop admins could not add a new merit badge and got bounced back to the dashboard.
I was able to confirm a dangling pack membership as the cause of the problem and get it cleared up by having the troop put an end date on the pack membership. This may not have been the only contributor as it was with the new AOL scout last year. It looks like this scout joined a new patrol on the same day this problem started. It’s possible that adding him to a patrol caused his troop membership to end and exposed this problem with the dangling pack. He didn’t have any prior patrol memberships listed.

When a Scout is moved to a patrol from not being in a patrol or from one patrol to another, the current troop membership ends and a new one begins with the new patrol listed.

Some things to check.

  1. Does the Scout have the Local Council set in his/her profile?
  2. Is the current unit membership approved (green check box)?
  3. Is there an open Cub Scout membership?

Thanks Ed. The key thing I wanted to highlight here was the observation that when not in a patrol, the unit was able to add merit badges for this scout, but once he was added to a patrol, then the dangling pack membership caused the skip-to-dashboard problem.

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