Can't enter MB info

Issues with one scouts account after crossing over into troop.
First there was no ‘advancement’ button to click on to add ranks or merit badges. After contacting council, that has been rectified.

Now when I start a merit badge, I can only start it. When I click on the MB to add what has been completed, or date of leader approval, etc it just bounces me back to the troop roster page.

I was able to go to ‘activity logs’ and mark a MB complete there, but I can not add any details or partials
I am unable to do it through normal advancement.
Help please!!

The Scout is still in a Pack in Scoutbook. End the pack membership and MBs will work.

I guess I can look into that and see if there is an end date for cub scouts. She is no longer on our pack roster. She is on the troop roster and I was able to enter her scout rank after ‘advancement’ appeared. Its just the MB’s now.

If you provide her BSA Member ID or Scoutbook User ID (both can be found in the profile) we can investigate.

BSA member ID is 12718585
User ID is 4649932

while you guys are checking it out… she is also a member of an exploring club and the exploring club profile is constantly popping up. even though I made the troop her primary. Anything else I can do to keep that from happening? I click on her name in the troop roster and it automatically brings me to her exploring page. This scout is my daughter.

thanks for your help!!!


I think you have found a bug in Scoutbook. I looked at your daughter’s account and her pack membership has been ended. I suspect the same issue that prevents working with Merit Badges when a Scout is in a Troop and Pack is affecting Scouts in a Troop and Club. This has not been previously addressed because every instance has been with Troop and Pack memberships which are not allowed per BSA policy.

I’ll get this to the developers for investigation. My only suggestion for a workaround is to put an end date on her Club membership and see if that allows you to get to her MBs.

The default setting on membership is stored in a browser cookie. If you are using different browsers the default needs to be set on each one. If you are using an incognito window the cookie will be cleared each time you start a new incognito session. If you have not set the default, go to her Troop membership and move the slider to the right so the background is red.

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Oh wow! Thank you for your help!

Any update on her account?

I tried to connect her to a MB counselor today and cannot. When I click on her merit badges, it bounces me back to the troop roster. I can not get in to enter partials or any MB work.
I know you suspect it is because she is also in an Explorer Club, But we have two other male crossovers who are also in the Explorer Club and their accounts are just fine.

What else can we do?

We don’t have any updates on this. It is in the developers queue to investigate but I don’t know when they will look at it.

The best I can suggest today is to try putting an end date on her explorer club membership and see if that fixes the problem. If this does, I can pass that along to the developers.

Thanks again.
Can you let the developers know that we have two male scouts that crossed over on the same day that are in the same explorer Club and their scoutbook accounts have absolutely no issues.

There is a possible work around. If you end the explorer club membership for the Scout in SB, the issue may go away. It doesn’t fix the bug, but it may get your unit taken care of. We don’t really offer any value to the Scout being marked as in an explorer club in SB anyway.

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