Cant Approve Adventure Requirements

I can not approve adventure requirements. I am the Committe Chair / Unit Admin and a Parent.
My BSA ID is 13709850
The Scout I am trying to approve ID is 13935777

I was able to approve this scout 140326234

This the error I am getting.

Could you try a hard refresh (shift + refresh)?

I just tired that. Didn’t do anything.

Could it be because I am also the Scout’s Parent?

I was able to approve the other scout.

I am the Committee chair and pack admin

That makes a difference. There is a known bug with parent/den leaders no being able to approve their children’s advancement.

Ok thanks. Is there a fix in the works for?
Is it only parents that can approve foe their kids? Or is it also den leaders can approve for their entire den??

Thanks for your help.

Den leaders are supposed to be able to approve their entire den, including their children.

To be clear, is it your child or a different member of the den who you cannot approve?

Its my child I can’t approve

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Yes, that’s the bug. It is important functionality. I’m not sure when it will be fixed.

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To add to this bug if it isn’t obvious. Leaders cannot use Bulk Entry Adventures for their own child as well.


This is a known issue. When a fix is released it will be announced in the change log forum.


@edavignon Thanks Ed!

Adding a bit more data to the topic - in case it is helpful. We had the same problem this weekend - We have three den leaders (myself included who is also the Cubmaster) - it was at the Webelos, Bear and AOL den level - we could mark something as Complete for our own kids but not approve it in Scoutbook+. I was able to go into the “Needs Approval” report in original SB and approve everything (including my son’s) but not in SB+ That is the workaround until the bug gets fixed I guess…


This is a known issue. The developers are working on a fix. When ready, it will be announced in the change log forum.

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yep - just wanted to add the info about the workaround for others reference until it DOES get fixed!

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