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Can't Approve Adventures

I’m the new Advancement Chair and Webelos Den Leader for our Pack (recent transfer from another Council). I’ve gone in to start generating advancement reports, beginning with those adventures/awards that need approval. In the corner of the screen I saw that the Pack had a total of 52 adventures awaiting approval; however, when I scrolled through the the itemized list, there were only 22 listed. I approved those, but that left the corner showing the Pack still had 30 adventures still awaiting approval. I decided to go through the Dens individually to see if I could find the adventures in questions. None of the Den reports produced any itemized lists, but the Tiger Den (again in the corner of the screen) indicated there were 18 outstanding approvals, and the Bear Den showed 12. Also, prior to generating the reports, I wasn’t able to go into individual Scout accounts and approve adventures. Also, coincidently, my two children happen to be in the two Dens in question. Could this be because of a weird glitch caused by our transfer? I’m at a loss and need to order awards soon. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

It simply sounds like you are not connected to all the Scouts

I’m listed in all of the Scouts’ connections :confused:

With at least Edit Advancements?

I have full control of all Scouts. After going through every single Scout in the Pack, it appears the hangup is with my own children. I’m not able to go in and approve their adventures directly. I was able to approve some of their adventures in a round-about way. For example, my Tiger. I couldn’t approve his Bobcat or any of the 7 requirements within Bobcat. But when I used the Quick Entry, I was able to click the “Approve” box and approve the 7 Rank Requirements. However, I still can’t approve the rank itself. There are some other adventures within my own children’s advancement that I can’t approve, like the Protect Yourself Rules. But I can approve everyone else’s. In all, it looks like the total number of unapproved adventures for my kids are pretty close to the number on the reports, but I’m afraid to just click on “Approve All” when I can’t see the itemized list. I don’t want to not be able to recover if I accidentally approve things that were never completed…

Go to your pack roster, click on your name, click on Positions then click Pack Admin. Set the I Approve check box and click Update. This resets your Admin role. It does not work from My Positions, only from the pack roster.

This has often reset connections so that things start working properly.

@BillieTriplett I think the issue might be that your children are not registered in the new council and pack – their BSA member numbers match up with their old council.

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@edavignon Should this update take place immediately? I’ve tried a couple of times from “Pack Roster,” but still nothing.

@JenniferOlinger any idea how long it takes to merge? I recall another Committee Member mention recently she had a stack of applications still needing to be dropped off at Council. Assuming that’s the problem, is it normal that the Den Leaders would still have partial functionality (like marking items complete?) or even be able to see my kids at all?

@BillieTriplett Yes, it’s normal because your kids have approved memberships in their dens and the Den Leaders are connected to them. However, they should not be able to approve anything until your Scouts are registered in their new council.

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