Organizational Manager not allowing Troop CC to change accept Adult apps

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Our COR has yet to sign in for the online tools for our new troop. I cannot change the settings in Organization Manager to allow adult applications. I receive a notice that I an unauthorized and do not have permissions. I am the Committee Chair (key 3) - is this by design? Do I need to walk our COR through the login process and have him update the checkbox to allow adult applications? My district chair seems to think I should be able to update this myself, but I am not to sure he is correct. Any help is always welcome.

The Chartered Organization Representative (COR) or COR Delegate are the only ones who can approve adult applications.

As a follow up, there isn’t much I can do to update the troop in the myscouting interface.

I don’t need to approve the application, I need to allow an adult to enter an online application in the first place.

Sorry, I misunderstood.

Based on the information at the following link, it seems like you should be allowed to turn online applications on:

Not all councils permit online applications.

Thank you Jennifer. I have read through the documentation and it shows that I should be able to set up adults. We have youth applications online already, that somehow works. Maybe our Council does not allow online applications? Can they block it somehow?

Your council has to allow it (not all councils do).


Many (all?) councils in PA do not allow it, as they require additional adult background checks. However, it looks like you’re in PPC, which does allow them to be completed online (last I checked). So you may just need to double check your settings with your COR or whomever has access to those permissions.

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@SageLichtenwalner - thanks as there are zero PA councils that allow adult online apps… thanks Jerry Sandusky

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