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Can't assign a MBC to a scout in scoutbook

I have an adult leader on my roster in Scoutbook and he is also a MBC. When I try to add the adult leader as a MBC for Merit Badge, I get a message that this MBC can’t approve any merit badge the scout is working on. I checked the latest troop MBC that we receive from the district and he is listed on the MB and his YPT is up to date. How can I solve this issue?

When you go to the Scout’s Advancement page in Scoutbook, do you see the merit badge listed there?

If you do not see it, then click on the “Start Another Merit Badge” button and add the merit badge. This is how Scoutbook knows that a Scout has started working on a particular merit badge.

Does the MBC’s name come up when a leader in the troop does a search based on the merit badge in Scoutbook?

@JenniferOlinger yes, The MB is started for the scout and the leader is already added to the scout connections as an adult leader. I search for the MBC and his name is in the list too.

as the Scout is already connected to the leader that is the issue - Go to the Scout > click connections > find the leader and click the name > Then click the MBC checkbox and select the merit badge

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@DonovanMcNeil this is what I do and it gives me the message that this MBC can’t approve any merit badges the scout is working on

@EsamEl-Olemy I just sent you a private message for more information.

I’ve seen an issue like this occur when the MBC has more than one account, with the MB assigned to the “wrong” account. I was able to identify it in my case by searching for the MBC by name as a “new” connection, which turned up the second account.

This is a case where the MBC does not have any MBs listed in Scoutbook. The Council needs to add the MB in ScoutNET or upload a new MBC list.

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I’m having a similar issue, but I think it is because the MBC is from a different counsel (?). His name shows up, I have the merit badge started for the Scout. When I go to make the connection and try to set the MBC up as the MBC, I get that same message - can’t approve any merit badge…

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