Adding a MBC - what am I doing wrong?

Hello all!
I am trying to add a merit badge counselor to a scout, and it just won’t let me. When I’m at the screen where you’re supposed to search for the MBC, all I get is “Create New Adult Account” instead of the search function. If I go ahead and put the MBC’s info in, it comes back saying the person already exists and I should check the search results above…but again, there is no search function.

I am an ASM for the troop, and have full control permissions over all the scouts. Do I need an additional set of permissions? I was able to add the MBC to my son, but I’m sure permissions are different for my kid vs other kids in the troop.


After spending hours googling for potential solutions, I finally fixed this problem. I guess it’s some kind of bug in Scoutbook (at least it was in April 2022).

I switched to Chrome as my browser on my Mac laptop, and installed the Scoutbook Feature Assistant to Chrome. After logging back in to Scoutbook everything magically just worked correctly without having to do anything else.

Hope this helps somebody else!!

@StaceyWilson2 - i gather you were using safari

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