Can't change the advancement date

I am not able to change the date of the Scout’s rank advancement, even after following the directions in the FAQ.

It’s a strange situation because we held the Board of Review before the final conservation service hours were completed, so I entered the date for #8 (Life Rank Board of Review) as the date of the BoR, and was then going to mark the rank completion date after the hours were completed, but when I marked #8 complete it set the same date for the rank completion. If I try to change the rank date, it says to check the date for #8. When I then try to change the date for #8, it says that the requirements must be completed before the rank advancement date. So I’m caught in a loop and can’t change anything.

How do I change the rank completion date?

Jonathan Hotz

The requirement for all ranks is the BOR is the LAST thing to be held. The Scout’s BOR could not have been properly held prior to the conservation hours being completed.

The Scouts BSA Program Office has previously stated that the date of the BOR is the date the rank is completed so Scoutbook enforces this.

There is nothing you can do to make the rank completion date different from the BOR date since by definition they are the same.


Ok, that’s fine, I don’t need the two to be different dates, but I do need to change the date. I’m sure there are others that have accidentally selected the wrong date. So, how can I change the rank completion (and requirement #8) date to the correct date?

All requirement dates must be before the date on the BOR date. If you have one after the current BOrR date, change it so that it is earlier or blank then you should be able to change the completion date.

That worked! I removed the date for the BoR and saved it, and that cleared it out. It also removed the date for the rank completion, and I was able to set it to the correct date. Thank you for your help.

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