Parent Email Address for scouts

My email address was entered incorrectly in my son’s accounts and we can’t fix it. How do we fix this so I can receive email notifications.
Thank you,
Rosa Salinas-Estevez

@RosaSalinas You had a second Scoutbook account with a different last name. I have merged them, so you should be good now.

I have a family with login credential issues. Mom’s name is (removed) and her email address is (removed) Her BSA member # is 13537421, and UserID is 11109668. Right now the email I see in her Scoutbook Profile is, and I cannot change it to her correct email because it is currently set in scoutbook as her husband John’s email address. I also see in scoutbook that “this user is pending” and “Jennifer has not been invited yet”. I do not know what being invited means. She logs in with userid (removed)

(removed)His BSA member # is 134992739, and UserID is 2018801.

My first question is whether it is possible for me to change their email addresses in scoutbook or My.Scouting without messing things up further? I cannot see the email John has in his profile which I suppose is because he has a given valid (though incorrect) email?

Next question is whether someone can assist in straightening this out?

-Stan Huhman

@StanleyHuhman first - please do not post others personal info like emails - I imagine you would not someone doing that to you
Second - these are fixed
Third - there is nothing you could have done to fix this unless you are BSA Staff

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@DonovanMcNeil thank you for the help. I have a second issue that could use attention.

This person is a Den Leader with a scout in our Pack. She also has another scout who crossed from our Pack to our Troop last March. About that time the leader lost her ability to enter advancements into Scoutbook for the scouts in her Den.

When I began investigating this I found that the leader has two identities
1.) BSA Member # 13569382 / UserID: 11270892
2.) BSA Member # 13741738 / UserID: 10265373 with no phone or street address in profile and email set to

Please work your magic for this as well!

@StanleyHuhman this is fixed also - user needs to be loggng in with credentials - not email

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Fantastic! @DonovanMcNeil you are rapidly moving to the top of my Scoutbook Hero list! I have a final issue which is a bit different than the first two.

Troop Committee member and parent has not been able to successfully connect with the scout who is in the troop.

The parent’s BSA Member # is 13354654 and UserID is 10131250.
The scout’s BSA Member # is 131671811 and UserID is 2428333.

We are aware that the scout had an email address that was either not working or stopped working - he had his provider issue a new one at some point. We think what happened is that when the parent initially connected with him the non-working email was used and the scout never got the connection message. Now when the parent tries to repeat making the connection it never allows an email address to be entered.

One result of this is that this scout is not listed as a possible recipient of Scoutbook messages which makes communicating with the scout difficult.


The parent is connected to the Scout. The Scout does not have an e-mail address in Scoutbook and has never been invited to join.

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