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Need help updating member emails

I have 2 unit leaders with different issues:

First, I have a member whose email was changed to changeyouremail@scoutbook.com and he ironically is unable to change it. The good news is that he can still login via my.scouting.org and link over into scoutbook, but he is obviously not receiving emails due to the address issue. BSA ID is 128052217 .

Second, I have a member who does not have access to his email anymore (recently retired), and needs to start using a newly created personal email address. BSA ID is 124716270.

Thanks so much for your help!

Generally speaking, the folks from the Scoutbook User Advisory Council only need BSA IDs and a description of the issue to get things rolling. If they need information like names or email addresses, they’ll set up a private chat so that the information isn’t generally visible to the netizens.

I thought that users can correct their own email addresses in my.scouting.org.

Thanks for the tip on private chats. I haven’t posted for help here before since most issues I can resolve myself.
To answer your question, the first user tried to change his email himself and wasn’t able to (got an error message). The second doesn’t have access to his original email account, which as I understand is required in order to confirm the change of email address. He is also not very tech savvy.


The first issue appears to have been resolved.

For the 2nd issue, MID 124716270, the user needs to log in to Scoutbook using the Sign In with Google button and his Google ID. Once he is logged in he can go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → E-Mail to change his e-mail address in Scoutbook.

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Thanks Ed. I see that the first problem is resolved. Thank you. The second user has a hotmail account, not google. Is there a way you can switch his email and create a temp password for him? He said he doesn’t have access to his old email anymore. Do I need to send you his new email address privately?


There is nothing the SUAC can do with the 2nd user’s account because it has been setup with Google login. Your Council may be able to fix this. If they cannot, they can open a ticket with National member care.

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