Can't check off requirements for badges or ranks

Scout is in a crew. Has earned ranks when in a troop that has since folded. he is working on Eagle
Can be seen on the roster, but when unit goes into Quick Entry to add completed rank requirements or merit badges, his name doesn’t show up. Ran connections manager, cleared cache. Help?
Member Id is 130091917


Is BSA Advancement on under Edit Profile for the Scout?

If I use “quick entry”, I can get the Scout, pick the badge but can only enter requirements individually, not enter the whole badge. Also, I can’t see him in Rank.

BSA Advancement has to be on

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where is that? I don’t see a switch/slider.

@MarianMcQuaid - edit profile of the scout is where that is if I recall correctly

Under Gender

Last place I would look! I was looking in advancement.

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