Why can’t I see the MB requirements for a scout?

I am a scoutmaster and merit badge counselor. I have noticed in a few scouts’ advancement sections that when I click on a merit badge, it does not give me the list of requirements. I don’t see the ones that are completed or the ones not completed yet. This even happens when I have connected with them as their MB counselor. A parent contacted me today and said he can’t see his son’s requirements either. What can I do to fix this?

I suspect that there might be an issue with the Scout’s Memberships in Scoutbook.

Could you post the BSA member numbers of some of the Scouts you are having issues with? (No names, please.)

I checked all of my scouts and these seemed to be the only ones.

@KatieMeyer Can you give a screenshot of the screen with no names - of what you see when you click Cit Nation?

@KatieMeyer they still have Cub Scout memberships in SB - put an end date on the Pack Memberships

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This worked! Thank you!

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