Can't Check Requirements as completed for my child

When I click on each child and go to advancements, I can only mark requirements without sub-requirements as completed. So If I click Duty to God, it immediately sends me back to my child’s homescreen. However, I can approve the requirement of reviewing “How to protect your children from child abuse”, presumably because it doesn’t have any sub-requirements.

Furthermore, I have full control over all 3 of my children, but When I click “Quick Entry”, the following page tells me that I don’t have any permissions and to check that I have full control, which I do.

I called someone at my local counsel and they agreed that something isn’t right.

Sounds like they aren’t assigned to dens. Den membership is critical for determining what advancement they are eligible to earn.

@DavidBridenstine As Jacob says, you need a Pack Admin to assign your Scouts to dens in Scoutbook, because Scoutbook uses the den type to determine which requirements a Cub Scout is working on.

I believe Quick Entry is only available to Pack Admins (unit Admins) and Den Admins (sub-unit Admins).

That makes perfect sense since we joined relatively recently and the pack is still in recharter. I will wait a few weeks for recharter to go through and see if it works then. Thanks for your help.

@DavidBridenstine If the pack uses Scoutbook, they should be able to move your Cub Scouts into dens, because there is a 60 day grace period with Recharter.

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