Scoutbook I have full access yet still can't submit requirements

I have been trying to enter the advancements for my cub scouts but am getting placed in circles. I did check and confirmed i am listed as cub master and do have full access to all the cubs yet when I try to enter a Advancement requirements or electives they did it will just bring me back to the main page. I also try to enter the quick entry it tells me you do not have edit Advancement permissions for any scout. They only thing it will let me do is submit their rank. Can someone please help as I would like to be able to enter all the requirements and electives my cubs scouts have earned.

are the Scouts in a den? @DawnPhillips1

No they are not currently listed in dens

Cubs have to be assigned to dens in order to enter advancement, since that’s the way that the software keeps track of which advancements they are eligible to earn.

There’s some background on the process of creating and populating dens here: Creating a Den or Patrol and Adding Scouts and Leaders | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Great thank you! I have placed them in their dens and it looks to be working now.

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A reminder for all adults in the Cub Scout program. “cubs” are now called “Cub Scouts” per the BSA Language of Scouting webpage.

Many many people will still use Cubs as a shorthand.

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