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Trying to update scouts while they complete requirements

Everytime i goto updat each scouts check offs, it allows me to do one but then it wont allow me to do anymore. When I goto select a new scout and try to use check off sheets, it automatically sends me back to home screen. I love this program if it would stop gliching.

Benjamin, it looks like you are a Cubmaster and Pack Admin in Scoutbook.

Are you trying to check off requirements for Cub Scouts? Have you assigned all of your Cub Scouts to dens in Scoutbook? Have you tried using Quick Entry (usually works better from the den pages)?

I have not assigned cubs into dens, but it seems to work to some scouts but not all, finally have some extra time to update and i cant get any further.

As far as I can recall (I’ve been at the troop level for a while now), I had to assign my Cubs to dens in order to record advancement.

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At the Cub Scout level, a Pack Admin needs to first create the dens and then use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button on the den page to quickly move the Cub Scouts into each den. Scoutbook uses a Cub Scout’s assigned den type (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, etc.) to determine which requirements a Cub Scout is working on.

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