Can't add Merit Badge Counselor in Connections

When I try to search on a Merit Badge counselor by name, email address, or member ID in Connections, I get a response saying not found even though the MB counselor is in the system. I tried searching on my son’s Scoutmaster, and he isn’t found. Is there a server problem with Connections? I’ve also tried using different browsers and different computer makes (Macbook and Dell). Thank you!

The ability for parents to search for MBC was disabled due to security.

Ok, thank you! Can a scout add the MBC? Or only the admin?

In theory, the MBC can initiate the connection with the information about the scout. I haven’t done that personally, as I usually ask the unit leadership to initiate the connection (based on the scout reaching out) for scouts outside my own unit. That way, they have some feedback that their scout is actually engaged in the process, and they have some idea that this “new adult” is going to be connected to one of their scouts. Having “unexpected” connections pop up for my scouts always makes me kinda twitchy: “Who is this? Why are they connected to one of my youth? Is this a non-parent who got connected as a parent?”

Unit admins/Key 3 can also make those connections.

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No. Scouts are never, ever to have access to MBC lists or names.

I agree with the MBC lists part, but don’t scouts get the MBC name & contact info from their unit leader when they have that initial blue card conversation? Wouldn’t that be how the scout initiates contact with the MBC (in a non-Scoutbook context) anyway?

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Thank you! We resolved it by the MBC making the connection.

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