Can't edit Activities moved over from SB to IA

I need to delete an event that occurred in October of 2017. I can now see this event (I believe it only showed up in Reports previously, but now I can see 4 events on the same day, each with one scout) but I cannot edit it in any way. It is a camping night and it would be great not to have to remember that these 4 scouts actually have one less camping night than the records indicate. The message at the top of the screen when I choose Edit may give an indication of where the problem is coming from:
Legacy service logs

I will also say I have wanted to add a missing scout to some of these old events and while I haven’t tried since this past fall, I could not at that time.

FWIW I really MUCH preferred entering Activity Logs in SB vs. IA. It was easier and quicker. I know we’re not going back but I do want to express my disappoint on the switch.

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Unless I have missed a feature announcement recently, there is no mechanism to modify/delete activities entered in the pre-IA2 Scoutbook activity logs. I know it’s an often-requested feature (I’ve also asked for it myself, I believe), though.

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Raising my hand to be included in requesting the feature. Nothing done is perfect (especially all the events I manually brought over from TM) and I had hoped I would always be able to get in and edit these.

So my work around for adding a scout in is to create a whole new event, just for that scout. I guess that will work, was just trying to avoid recreating the wheel (he’s actually missing from many, many events, which may be a whole problem in and of itself).

There is no work around for deleting an event or someone in it. I guess we just have to remember these scouts and not count their camping nights towards the Camping MB or any other event where Camping nights matter. Sigh

Related question (I’m refamliarizing myself with the issue after ignoring it since I discovered the problem last fall):

Within IA and the Event I am seeing it note 1 day, 0 nights. But when I run an Activity Report for Camping it shows up as 2 nights and 2 days (which I believe is what it would have been entered as originally).

Thoughts on the discrepancy? Just assume that what is in the Report is correct (here and elsewhere) but what I’m seeing in IA is incorrect? Always?

I know someone else brought up an issue like this before. I don’t recall what the issue or resolution was, unfortunately.

To delete or negate and old entry, Would be interesting if we add a new event on the old dates, and add scouts, and enter negative values for nights. The developers would likely have included a data validity check to prevent such.