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Adding Previous Activities in IA and Removing Duplicate participants

With the changing the scout activities to Internet Advancement, I am learning that we are missing many of our past events. In going back and entering the events, I have now entered some of the scouts hours in twice. This was due to the scouts entering their hours into Scoutbook prior to the change over. I am not sure how those hours would then convert to the JTE if they are not in the actual event that the SM or ASM has entered into the system.

How do I remove one set of hours or nights and which set should be deleted?

@CandiDirian - first thing, good that the scouts themselves entered things (just like the handbook) it is their record. For migrated activities they are locked from editing. I would have run a report before entering anything and especially selecting the filter for personal activities as that is how the scout entries show up. I do however think you can edit your entries and zero out data.

there is a process (we have asked to be greatly streamlined) to remove an activity when needed

Screenshot 2020-05-09 07.28.46

Click History Tab

Screenshot 2020-05-09 07.29.10

Far right change to the time frame needed (bigger it is the longer it takes

Screenshot 2020-05-09 07.32.28

Bottom right change to number you need in list

Screenshot 2020-05-09 07.29.18

Find the one you need and click the pencil

Screenshot 2020-05-09 07.29.25

Click the 3 Dots to right

Screenshot 2020-05-09 07.29.32

@DonovanMcNeil. Does that remove the activity? Or just the people attached to an activity?

that is to remove it from a persons record

That worked for the scout, but I can’t see her mom, an ASM. When I run the history I can’t see the adults in the troop. I can’t even see my own history. I had my information in SB for a hopeful run for OA and now I am it is messing with the IA activities.

I don’t see where I can input any of my activities if I don’t do them with the troop. Example: Woodbadge, camping with my daughter’s Venture Crew.