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Can't enable "Allow Adult Applications" on one of my units

I am an adult leader in a B and G troop and a crew.

Organization Manager has this checkbox: Allow Adult Applications. For both troops, this is checked. For the crew, it was checked at one time, as I have five completed adult applications.

Currently, the box is unchecked for the crew. I have no memory of every un-checking it. I want adults to apply online.

If I check the box and hit the Save button, the box immediately un-checks, and I get this Invalid Request notice:

How can I get his box re-checked?

I can reproduce the problem in both Chrome and Edge. Edge has no plugins installed.

In case it matters, the actual units, all of which are in Circle Ten Council (571):

  • Troop 861B
  • Troop 861G
  • Crew 863 (where I am getting the problem)

I accidentally figured it out. It turns out that leaving the Fee Amount field blank is not allowed (see below). Once I entered a 0 in there, I was also able to check the Allow Adult Applications box and successfully save.

This is a needed UI fix. If an input requires an entry in a field and I failed to do so, the UI needs to inform me of that requirement, which field an entry is required on, and provide a notice that is near the field and does not disappear within a few of seconds. A small modal dialog, which disappears in seconds and is located nowhere near the field in concern, and which only says Invalid Entry, gives me a sad.

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