Organizational Manager not allowing COR to change accept Adult applicaions

COR used Google on her PC. Received message “You are not authorized to access the specific resource” Unit has not started recharter yet. Youth have always been allowed to add application online. She just wants to setup the Adults online as well.
Trying to setup allowing adults online registration before she starts the recharter. . Her Member ID is 128104290.

@DonnaSword - does your council/jure allow online adult application… mine does not nor will it ever

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Well you can just scan adult apps and send in with recharter

Yes Council allows and in fact encourages the units to use the online tool.

I think your council has turned it off for recharter it appears - just tested

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@DonnaSword - council may well have to enable it then.

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I really went thru previous answers and although, it wasn’t quite the same, sent the resolution to the COR and it worked.

This was the entry when I searched under Organizational Manager.
I accidentally figured it out. It turns out that leaving the Fee Amount field blank is not allowed (see below). Once I entered a 0 in there, I was also able to check the Allow Adult Applications box and successfully save.

This is a needed UI fix. If an input requires an entry in a field and I failed to do so, the UI needs to inform me of that requirement, which field an entry is required on, and provide a notice that is near the field and does not disappear within a few of seconds. A small modal dialog, which disappears in seconds and is located nowhere near the field in concern, and which only says Invalid Entry, gives me a sad.**

Thank you for all the responses!