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Can't Enter Advancement for Scout - Eagle Time Sensitive

I’ve checked the box next to the scout’s name. I checked the “Record Advancement” button. The dialog box popped up, and I entered the completion date, then selected “Merit Badge”. Scrolled down the list and selected the badge. At that point, both the Merit Badge box and specific badge box (in this case Citizenship in the Community) gets lightened, and under the Citizenship box, it says “Checking advancement”. I can’t do anything else after that - there’s a red circle with a line through it. Eventually I get an error message. Someone please help. Trying to get these badges entered so I can give the scout his Advancement History for his Eagle Application.

Unless you want to try a screen share with someone, I would recommend trying Scoutbook instead and see if that works for you. Log in at:


Click on your troop, click on Troop Roster, then find his name. Then click on [Scout]'s Advancements.

Will this work if our troop doesn’t use Scoutbook?

If I hover over any of the rectangular boxes, I get a red circle with a line through it. Eventually “Error” pops up in red above the ‘Record Advancement’ box.

Yes, if you have the correct permissions (Unit Advancement Chair or Key 3 Delegate).

Okay… don’t know what just happened, but I went back to close the screen and everything is okay now. I’m going to try and enter another.

Not okay. Getting the error message again after about five minutes.

Scoutbook won’t let me log in. I don’t have a Scoutbook account, and it won’t take the my.scouting.org username and password. This software is the worst.

Seriously? It’s been 15 minutes, and this won’t load. It’s not like I’m using dial up.

It took a few minutes, but that page did load for me.

Any solution for being able to enter the merit badges? I still have five to enter, and can’t. Plus, when that page above finally loaded, I tried to look at his list of completed badges because I think one of the dates is wrong, and there’s nothing under ‘Started’, ‘Pending Approval’, or Approved, even though he has 16 completed merit badges that show up in the Advancement History report.

@ShaunaWilliams is this resolved - they had a very heavy traffic load yesterday

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