Can't enter information for meetings before November 1, 2021

I’m updating my dens in Den Leader Experience and can’t enter any information before November 1, 2021. Also those meeting topics don’t show up pick from. From November 1 to present works fine. With the exception of one scout not showing visible when taking attendance at one meeting.

  1. Don’t use DLE.
  2. Go into Scoutbook native to enter the requirements.

That is a shame. My den Leaders like it. Is it being abandoned or just needing work.

SUAC has never liked it do to its limitations. It is not being abandoned - just has alot of issues.
The concept is good especially for new DLs - all you need is there. But it is so rigid if you get out of shape you can get screwed. Try moving the old meeting to later dates and see if they work - the dates do not matter.

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