Den Leader Experience is not working properly

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After logging into the Den leader experience to setup my den for the parents to access the meetings etc it says that everything was setup and all the templates are good to go yet nothing is setup still and the experience is also not cross communicating with Scoutbook as far as the advancement already earned. I am treating this year as a wash since we are almost done with the school year but when I advance my Den I would like everything setup properly for next year. Any assistance would be appreciated.


With DLE you have to reset it every year. It is not a one time thing, it goes year by year

Okay I get that, but why are we using a site that is extremely glitchy and does not work right? Even if it does “reset” every year I want to know that the same steps I take next year will work and not just break.

They should work - Personally I do not advise users to use DLE

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Again then I ask you since you are on the Advisory Council why do we have a defective product and one that you do not advise to use?

There is no appropriate helpdesk for issues with either this or Scoutbook just an early 2000’s forum. This is the only resource to use and the local councils have had zero training with either the DLE or Scoutbook.

DLE is something the Cub Program wanted and pushed out - SUAC saw it maybe 10 days before release and provided a very long list of immediate issues and concerns we saw - some where addressed some where not. SUAC can only advise, and continue our push of users dissatisfaction with the product.

Just plan meetings on your own (that is not hard) and use Scoutbook to record (not hard either).


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