Can't find Scout account, parent connection lost

I have a new Scout in our Troop, but we have been unable to bring him over in ScoutBook or The system can’t find him with the data I have, and neither his old Pack, our Troop, nor his parents can see him on our rosters or in ScoutBook. We successfully transferred the father from the Pack to the Troop through, and the father now appears on our ScoutBook adult roster. However, we are at a loss to find and reestablish the Scout’s connection to his parent so we can transfer/assign him to our Troop. Parent member ID is 14034934 and ScoutBook User ID is 2493635. We think the son’s member ID is 135485169. Any advice to locate the Scout account and reestablish the parent link?
Butch Hatch
Scoutmaster, Troop 100

@BernardHatch does scout have same name as father?

@BernardHatch or is it EF?

@BernardHatch EF who is attached to Dad’s Scoutbook has never been registered in TAC - it does take an application - transfers would not work - Beascout would - the MID is 135485168 - the other one you had was also the dad’s

JF is the father. EF is the Scout.

Thank you. We’ll run through the registration process then to get him registered in TAC.

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