Parent connection to scouts is lost

I have a parent, BSA ID 130774255, whose two scouts can no longer log in to Soutbook… The scout BSA IDs are:

I have verified that the parent shows in Scoutbook as a Parent/Guardian with Full Control. I have not yet verified if the parent has a connection to the scouts in Scoutbook when he logs in.

Is there something else I should do, or can someone look behind the curtain and help get this reset?

Thanks for your help.

The parent has not logged in since 2020 under that MID - and I do not see another - we will need more info - perhaps watching them log in

Thank you Donovan. I have reported to the family what you see and, because of work & school schedules making it difficult to get together with him, asked the parent to login to Scoutbook, and if he succeeds at that, to login to If he gets error messages I’ve asked him to take photos of those messages and forward them to me. which I will forward to you. I also asked the parent to follow the instructions about his account in the document “Myst Account Setup.pdf” that I saw referenced in another Forum solution.

Finally, I asked the scouts to take photos of any error messages they get when logging in.

Thanks for your help. I will get back to you when the family responds.

When they log in, have them double check that they see the same member number you do.

Dad has responded that son who complained he could not login was able to login late on 31 August. My requests for further information have fallen on deaf ears.


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