Help with parent login

Hello. We have a registered ( parent who was previously a scout parent and has re-entered scouting with a younger son. He is able to log in to but not scoutbook. Scoutbook has previous knowledge of him because the entry under his son in the pack roster shows a “last seen” or 4 years ago.

(name removed by moderator) member ID is 133141875 and he’s receiving the error “We were not able to find a Scoutbook profile linked to this gmail account”. Plese advise.

Screenshot Scoutbook Error 2023-09-14


Is he logging in to Scoutbook with the username that is his lastname followed by the first 2 letters of his first name?

Yes, I was logging into both as you mentioned.
I just tried logging into again and it is working now.
Thanks for whoever was able to fix it.


We’ve got a similar situation with a parent unable to connect to Scoutbook, though we have confirmed he does have an account. He keeps getting an error asking him to report the problem to the council. We’ve done that, with no resolution. His IDs are Scoutbook User ID: 11372569 and BSA Member ID: 135977805. Any advice from the Scoutbook gurus would be appreciated! Thanks!

@KurtGalbreath I think he is trying to login using his email - he has a username that is everything before the @ of his email

Ah, okay. I will check with him on this. Thanks for the speedy reply!

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