Parent Lost Access to Scoutbook as he was deleting old connections

I have a parent who was cleaning out old pack connections in his son Q’s scoutbook. Unfortunately, after he did that, it seems he lost access to his information: when he opens up his Scoutboook, all he sees is his 2nd son’s account (a cub in a different pack). All of his clearances and training are also no longer visible.

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!


If you are a unit admin where the 2nd Scout is a member, you can connect the parent to the Scout by going to the Scout’s Connections page and clicking +Add then searching for the parent by name, e-mail address or BSA Member ID.

@edavignon I think it’s a multiple BSA member number (13623041 and 136638055) and user name issue.

Another issue: same full name, same e-mail address, but different dates of birth.

Thank you so much, edavignon. I tried this, and I even added him as an adult leader, but that had no effect…

Thank you, Jennifer. Is it possible for you to combine his accounts into one? The ID listed in on our roster is the 13623041 number.

His birthday is [dob removed by Moderator for privacy] . Also, John’s email address also does not appear in Scoutbook–can you add that?

Finally, I’m not sure why I can see his account and content for his son [name removed by Moderator for privacy], but he can’t… but maybe if the accounts get consolidated, email and birthday fixed, we can tackle that question next…

Thank you so much for your assistance!

@MichelleBlake I sent you a private message.

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