Can't generate attendance report for my troop

I just tried running the attendance report for my troop (I am the Scoutmaster), but it only gives me my personal attendance, not the attendance of my scouts or other adults. I also can’t generate attendance reports for different types of activities. This is a new problem. I was able to generate attendance reports in the past.

I just did this an hour ago and got the same thing - I had never run report before so I asked developer - they are already looking at it @JenniferBell3

@JenniferBell3 this should be fixed - please test

It works! Thank you.

There is one other thing. I am able to create new calendar events, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to mark attendance for the events.

An issue was recently identified with marking attendance in Safari and Firefox.

I was using Safari, so that makes sense. It works in Chrome. I guess it’s time to make the change, past time, probably. Thank you.