Den Admin can't run any reports

From the looks of the knowledge base, a Den Admin should be able to run a report. In this example, I was wanting to run an attendance report.

I don’t have any option for generating any reports.

@TravisStephens - looks like you are IA, go back to scoutbook and take a look at the unit report page.


Yes, it is IA. I still can’t find attendance report in Scoutbook, but I’ll keep looking.

Mostly the post was because the option is missing in IA and (to my understanding) Scoutbook is being transitioned into IA exclusively. So something that needs to be fixed.

@TravisStephens - the reports have not been transitioned there save for these:

Pack reports:

admittedly it says Unit Admins

Ya, I don’t see that so maybe just a permissions issue. But still nothing the IA reports.

@TravisStephens - i think you would need to be a pack admin to see more options for reports

We are requesting to add the attendance report to the subunit reports menu in Scoutbook and to IA in general.