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Can't mark of a Star Requirement for a Sea Scout

I have a Sea Scout that is First Class and I am trying to mark of Star Requirement #1. He is already First Class Rank and has been for a while. When I attempt to mark the requirement, it doesn’t take me to the page with a date it say this " * Jonah needs to earn the Quartermaster rank before completing this requirement."


Check the Scout’s profile to make sure the Scouts BSA Advancement slider is on (red).

I already did that. And it is set to red.

Have you restarted your browser since doing that?

It was already set, I didn’t have to switch it on as it was done so.


Is the Scout registered in both a troop and ship? Do you see Scouts BSA Advancement or Sea Scout Advancement on his page? If you see Sea Scout Advancement, click on the Troop number in the box above his information. This will switch to Scouts BSA view and allow you to enter his Scouts BSA Advancement.

that is an interesting bug - let me play with it more and report it -thanks

@DavidAronson just make a note and force complete the rank when done - it is reported - no idea when it will be fixed

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