ScoutsBSA Advancement through Venturing - not recognizing 4 months as active in the unit

I have a Venturer who is 1st class and ranking up to Star. He has gone in to his account marked Req 1 as completed. When I go in to approve Star Req 1 (Be active in your troop for at least four months as a First Class Scout.) I get the following message: Scout’s Name needs to earn the Summit rank before completing this requirement.

Is there a work around for this? It’s interfering with his ability to advance to Eagle via the Crew (and I have several others doing the same).

Thanks for any feedback!

Give BSA # (no names) - is this SB or IA? IA is not ready

ID# 131004127 via Scoutbook on PC using Chrome browser.

hmmm - would need to see it fail to give to devs? are you trying to complete the whole thing? have you tried entering BOR date? @ChristyCochran

@DonovanMcNeil BoR will hopefully be this coming week. I’m willing to wait until then and try and see if it will show 100% completed.

BoR happened last night and I entered the data today. Showing Rank as completed.

However, the ‘active in the unit’ box remains green and still won’t let me approve. Seems to be a glitch, but didn’t impact earning the rank.

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