Can't print individual activity reports

When I go to IA and pull up a Scout’s detail and then click ‘Run Report’ on the bottom right hand side as specified here:

Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Parent – Access Youth Profile Page Parents with multiple youth or multiple unit roles can pick their youth from the profile switcher by clicking the unit icon next to the gear in the upper right corner. 2. Choose the desired youth. Find the ‘Run…

The ‘Run Report’ menu does not expand so I can’t select a report to run,
it only does this:

I am a key 3 delegate and the Troop Community Service chair, trying to run individual service hour reports for our Council Serv Award.
Any suggestions? Thanks!

@LindaStockert just to be clear, are you running the reports when the profile to the top right is listed as Key 3 Delegate (and not as parent)?

@LindaStockert there is actually a better, more “elegant” way to get this (that is often overlooked in IA).

Make sure you are under Key3Delegate under the top right drop down (and not parent/guardian).

From the page with the list of scouts (Roster), click the checkboxes next to the Scouts (if you don’t select scouts, you won’t have this as an option) from whom you want to run the report. Then click the “Run Reports” from the bar directly above roster and select the report you want (such as Activity Log report). You’ll then get a pop-up with the Scouts and a cloud download icon next to each for you to then be able to download the report.

If this does not work, you will need to clear your browser’s cache and/or try a private/incognito window.

Hi @ZacharyMcCarty. Thanks, this worked. I swear I tried to do this the other day and all I got was total hours without the details, but clearly I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the clear instructions!

Now is there a way to run this report for an adult?

@LindaStockert unfortunately, the report this way only works for youth at this time (no adults). Some of the summary reports may help you to get adult info by adjusting the time frame.

I don’t think you can get an individual report for adults, but you can:

  1. select “Reports” (on left side).
  2. Select the “Reports” tab.
  3. Next to Activity Log Report click on “View”
  4. Select your dates, uncheck the boxes next to “Camping Log”, “Hiking Log”, and “Long Cruise Log”.
  5. Check the box next to “Include Adults”.
  6. Sort by Scout should sort by name.