Can't print activity log

When I go to IA and pull up a Scout’s detail and then click ‘Run Report’ on the bottom right hand side as specified here:

the ‘Run Report’ menu does not expand so I can’t select a report to run,
it only does this:

Is there some other way to print the detail of the activity logs?

It is working for me.

I think the issue might be because you are a Troop Admin, but Internet Advancement usually looks to the roles at my.scouting. You could ask one of your troop’s Key 3 to go to my.scouting and add you as the Unit Advancement Chair or as a Key 3 Delegate.

I’m the Unit Adv Chair…
What browser are you using? I’m using Chrome

You do not have the Unit Advancement Chair functional role at my.scouting.

If you log in at my.scouting, go to: Menu → My Profile, scroll down to the “Registrations” section.

Thank you! Very interesting. How does that get fixed? I’ll email our membership chair.

Your troop’s Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Org. Rep.) or a Key 3 Delegate (other functional role) can add you.

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Thank you! Looks like my role expired for some reason with recharter. Our recharter person is looking into it. Thank you very much for your help.

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After every recharter the key 3 must go back after your recharter has been processed and assign roles as these expire every year.

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