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Leader Connections Not Ended with Membership End

I believe we still have an issue with Scoutbook not automatically severing connections when a leader departs. I help units with Scoutbook training in Circle Ten Council and am usually added as a unit admin (Troop/Pack) which allows demonstration and full access to all features during the training session. At the end of the session it makes no difference whether my membership is simply deleted, or an end date is put in place. I still have full control connections to all Scouts within that unit. I have to manually go to My Connections and delete them one by one which is a headache with large units! I believe this can be a real security issue in those cases where a leader is banished and removed from Scoutbook, but still has connection to Scouts. Thanks!

Not that it solves the underlying issue, @RobertAcker, but I have started doing the following:

  1. Assign a non-admin unit-level role to admins I am removing. I’m using unit scouter Reserve.
  2. End the admin role.
  3. Use the Feature Assistant Extension and Connections Manager to assign “no connection” for the now non-admin leader to all scouts.
  4. End the non-admin role.

I think this is doing what I want, but can’t completely confirm, since I only screened some scouts to test it.


I just used Charley’s method to help another unit with the same problem. The past unit admin left and they ended his position, but did not know to break the connections first. They added him back to the unit in a non-admin role, deleted all of his connections, and then ended the new position. Worked like a charm.


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