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Can't see any of my Pack info when I logon

I’ve been using Scoutbook for a couple of years now. Sometimes with no issue, sometimes with issues. Currently, I need to log on and complete some cub scout adventure approvals, but when I logon, I no longer see my Pack. Help!


You have 2 BSA Member IDs and 2 Scoutbook accounts. I’ll send you a private message with your Member IDs. I suggest contacting your council to have one retired then we can cleanup Scoutbook.

Click on the blue circle with white W in the upper right of the forum window when you see the green circle with number on it.


Sorry, I was looking at the wrong line. You have 2 BSA Member IDs and 2 Scoutbook accounts from being registered in 2 different Councils. You will need to update your my.scouting.org ID with the current ID then we can remove the other Scoutbook account. I’ll still send you a private message.

Just as the title says. Sometime between last Wednesday and today, I seen to have lost my pack access.

I saw Will.Carlisle had a similar issue a couple of days ago, so I borrowed his title! :smile:

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