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My scoutbook access changed without me doing it

Is anyone else having issue with not seeing their pack at alll. Up to last Thursday I was able to see everyone, now I am not seeing anything at all, it looks like my rites changed (I am the pack admin/cub master) so I know I did not change anything. Help!!! Need to send updates out and rely heavily on scoutbook.

Unfortunately, this seems to happen to some accounts occasionally for reasons we regular users haven’t been able to identify yet.

Try going to My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster, then selecting your name. From there, go to your positions and select your Cubmaster and Pack Admin positions (sequentially), and for each one press the approve/accept button (big red button). Even though your position looks right in the user interface, something on the back end has likely gotten disconnected. This should reconnect it.

You will probably need to send an email to and ask them to merge your duplicate accounts

@CharleyHamilton - it is either the daleks or some odd engineering thing we never got past :slight_smile:

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I cannot see the unit roster either. I tried to add the role a different way but was only able to add cubmaster but that did not get me much further.

You definitely have a duplicate account.

This has happened to me as well over the last few weeks. Some times when I log in (I am a Key 3) I can access advancement, and sometimes I can’t. This morning, it told me I don’t have authority to access. I usually wait a half day or so and try again.

At what point does it tell you that? As soon as you log in? When you. Lick something? What is the exact message you receive?

To the best of my memory, it was directly after logging in to internet advancement via - right after you click on the “i am not a robot” box and hit enter. It was the next screen and said something like “you do not have access” I will note all this for sure next time it happens. It has happened multiple times (on multiple computers) over the last couple weeks.

What is your position within your unit?

I’m listed as “Unit Advancement Chair, Committee Member, Key 3 Delegate” in Scoutbook

I’m also a district committee member.

Hi, @MarthaMaloney,

Is the Organizational Security Manager at also showing you as a current Key 3 Delegate and Unit Advancement chair?

It seems like something is going on behind the scenes (at least in my case) where I show up as a Key 3 Delegate both at Scoutbook and my.scouting, but some features meant to be working for K3D’s aren’t working for me. I wonder if there’s some sort of synchronization issue that’s not immediately visible to the user side that might be linking up some of these otherwise apparently disparate glitches for several leaders.

Would this show up under the My Profile section? If so, I can see for my troop I’m listed only as Committee Member. I’m listed under the district as Member-at-Large and Merit Badge Counselor in this same section.

@MarthaMaloney - click on Menu in the Upper left of, That should list out several options one o which should be your unit. Click on your unit and if you are a Key 3 delegate you would be presented with option among them would be listed Organization Security Manager. Click on that and it will show who is assigned to which position.

OSM is available from the left side menu to Key 3 and K3D under your unit’s location. The listing looks like this:

Your profile will only list registered positions, not functional ones like K3D.

Got it - listed as Unit Advancement Chair (also K3D)

That tends to support my suspicion about there being some back end issue going on with synchronizing those functional roles across different platforms and whether or not that’s flipping all of the right “switches” behind the scenes.

I noticed that you referenced using IA2 ( rather than Scoutbook ( in your earlier post, and then mentioned how you are listed in Scoutbook. Are you seeing your positions in both Scoutbook ( and IA2 (, or just one?

< rant >
I sincerely wish that the IA2 web address wasn’t so easily confused with Scoutbook. I kinda get the intent since the back-end database is the same, but it sure makes it hard sometimes to sort out which interface folks are actually using without being pedantic. < /rant >

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Thank you - good clarification - I can see I have these positions listed in both - I checked in and pulled up the roster to check there.

Yes, this is confusing for all - I am currently training someone and need to remember to flag that these are different. Thanks for all your help!

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I got my issue resolved, I logged into Scoutbook with my email address and not my scoutbook user name and synced the accounts. That seemed to work for now.


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Unable to login using my email address. It told me to log in using my username. But at this point, I can still access advancement and records to all is well. Thanks, all!