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I'm Cubmaster and a Pack admin for Scout Book and can't connect to my kids

I have sent myself several invites, which don’t have a link or code in them so the only thing to click in the invite i send myself is the Scoutbook which takes me to the login page and I have gone through the website front, back and sideways and can’t find anywhere where it shows where I can accept the invitation. Also, I tried to “add/track scout” on my dashboard and it asked for a code. Again, neither of my email invites (for either of my kids had a code). I’m lost, how do I connect with my kids?

@WilliamFowler1 - are you connected to them as a leader ? If so go to their page then connections click on your name then check the parent box and update.

It’s selected, but it still says my connection is pending and I’m not getting emails for my den.


Will Fowler

Go into that connection and click update anyway. Sometimes that resets things.

I tried, the parent box was great out but checked, and the only way it would let me update would be to send another invitation. Which I did several times to no avail


Will Fowler

OK I am wondering if you have 2 accounts -
Do this > Go to My Account and look at the Profile and Email
Then go to you kids Profile and click on “you” and see if the email that shows at top is the same

Appreciate the help. Here is what I’m doing and what I see.

My Account

Under email it has the email account I am logging in with;

Kids are connected under the same email address;

Could I have two accounts under the same email address?

@WilliamFowler1 - so you are not using the my.scouting login credentials ? I can attempt a screen share if you wish. Just email me at and we can give it a shot.

I was thinking the same thing

It looks like I have two accounts under the same email address somehow. There are some small differences in my profile when I look at the one I sign in under (my admin account) and when I click on my kids parent/guardian. For instance my admin profile lacks my nickname (Will) whereas “Hudson’s Parent (my son)” has a nickname. My admin account has my BSA number, whereas my Hudson’s parent profile does not.

My “my scouting” login and password are the same as my scoutbook login and password…

Also, I tried to make a modification to my son’s parents profile and it would let me change anything stating that
Email: “This email address already exists under another account” !

Got to your profile and try using Switch SSO - even if you are entering the same credentials

did that, no change…
Under my son’s connections, I am listed twice, once as a parent and once as cubmaster

same situation with my other son in the pack…

I think with a screenshare this can be sorted out pretty fast

how do i do this?..

I will send you a direct message with a link - look in top right corner at your avatar for a notice

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