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Unable to link with my younger son/scout in Scoutbook

I am linked with my older son in Scoutbook for over 3 years now, My younger son joined the same Troop last year. My Troop leader tells me that I’m tied to the younger sons account but there is an email issue. My leader says Scoutbook wont let the same email be put in twice. But there should be away. She has tried contacting Scoutbook several times with no reply. I’ve searched through Scoutbook myself but cannot find any way to fix this. Both my younger son and I are so frustrated.

Any suggestions?

@EarlChin - the unit leader just needs to search for you and make the connection NOT ADD a new account.

Earl, you have an issue with 2 BSA member numbers. I will send you a private message.

Expanding on @Stephen_Hornak’s response, the key idea behind what he and the help documentation to which he linked are recommending is that you only need (and want) one account for each adult connected to one account for each scout. That same account can follow you if you later decide to become a leader in your scout’s unit, just make sure that the BSA ID listed in your Scoutbook account is included on the application to become a leader, and that you use those same credentials to take any training. My best success in searching for adult accounts (parent or leader) has been by using the email address associated with that account as the search term. I just make sure to check the name and city where the resulting account is listed before I make the connection. Also, as a hedge in case I do make a mistake, I generally first connect any prospective parent account to the scout as “Other Family Member” to make sure I have the right person. Admins can easily break an incorrect connection for the “Other Family Member” type, but “Parent” connections are intentionally difficult to break, and require intervention by BSA support (which is now harder to access). Then, it’s simply a matter of changing the connection type from “Other Family Member” to “Parent” once I’ve confirmed it’s the right person.

The BSA’s system has some growing pains to get though, and can have a really steep learning curve, but ultimately it works reasonably well when everyone is well-informed about how it’s working from the beginning. help.scoutbook.com is usually a very reliable source for questions, although some of the documentation may be out of date, since things change relatively rapidly.

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