Can't set achievement versions for scouts

Our pack had a number of scouts transfer from another pack that closed. Now the transfered scouts are on different versions of their rank achievements (eg. v2015 instead of v2019) than others in the pack. They have not started the new rank (e.g., tiger rank), but they also can’t seem to get started under the new rank in scoutbook. What is the right procedure for setting all of the scouts in the same den onto the right version?


Go to the rank page for the Scout and click the proper version. Anything that has already been recorded under the previous version will needed to be manually added the current version.

Thank you for trying to help, but those instructions don’t seem to apply.

The scout has no achievements recorded for their tiger rank, so it’s not clear what you are suggesting I change. There is no Tiger Rank page for this scout. In fact, I’m unable to enter any achievements for the tiger rank under v2019, and I certainly can’t add them. For this one scout I can only enter achievements under v2015 and I can only do that if I go to the Quick Entry.


Is the Scout in a Tiger Den in Scoutbook? Scouts must be in a den in Scoutbook in order to enter advancement.

I can assure you: they are in the tiger den, but they do not have a tiger rank page. Other scouts in the den do (all marked at 0% complete) but this scout does not.
All of which may mean I have a different ticket to make.

I’ve had this happen occasionally when the scout’s membership isn’t approved in Scoutbook. Does the scout show a green shield with a checkmark next to their name on the den roster?

Also, if you look under their membership page, do they have any other current memberships (i.e. ones without an end date listed)?

@CaseyTrail If you could please provide the first names of the Tiger Scouts who are having issues, we can take a look. (No last names.)

Thank you all for your help.
Pack 89
Forrest in the Tiger den I can’t seem to enter and achievement for the 2019 versions for him. There are other scouts in other dens which I can share later if tit helps.

It looks like I’m okay here.
Our Committee chair put in end dates for all of the transferred scouts as @CharleyHamilton suggested (Thank you @CharleyHamilton). Then I cleared out the one achievement under the prior version for the scout in question. Then the scout had a tiger rank page and I was able to change their version as @edavignon suggested (Thanks @edavignon!)

Thank you all for your help. I would not, in a million years, have thought the lack of end dates from the previous pack could cause an issue like this.

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Glad we could help.

Likely what was causing the hiccup was that the prior pack showed the scout as being in something other than a Tiger Den (possibly not in a den at all), which will confuse the software no end. Extrapolating from what’s been posted previously by folks from SUAC, the cubs have to be in the right den level for all of the advancement logic to work. Otherwise, the software doesn’t know what advancement options to serve for that scout, since cub scouts can only work on advancement associated with their current den level (not going back or forward). I would contrast that with the Scouts BSA program, where scouts can largely work on different rank levels all at once.

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