Cant set daughter up for email acess to scoutbook

Im having trouble getting my daughter setup in scoutbook

@RockyDeBose how are you having problems - have you invited under Edit Extended Info?

You may want to try in - make user name there and then use same to log in to Scoutbook
Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

Make a user name for my daughter?

I already have an account.

Im not seeing the option to add her my account:

@RockyDeBose if you look at the PDF I posted it lays it out - step by step

I get this message when I try to transfer her:

@RockyDeBose - why are you trying to transfer her ? I am not sure that is what you need to be doing.

and you are transferring To and From the same unit?

@RockyDeBose - it looks like you were in rather than

She is in Troop 1402G. He try to set her up to have access to the her scoutbook. So she can sent email and see her own account.

@RockyDeBose @lisaLudwig

Please work with the Scout to create an account (username) at using the directions provided by @DonovanMcNeil in post 3:

When creating the account, when you enter the Scout’s name and date of birth, you should try to recover the account that is associated with her already existing BSA member ID number and then click on “Retrieve Information”.

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