Can't Set Up an Event Reminder Email

Moments ago, I created an event and sent a reminder ASAP.

Then, I decided to edit the event and set up a reminder for three hours before. IA Calendar won’t let me do that, because it thinks I have already reached the maximum number of reminders.

The problem is that I just created the event a few minutes ago, and I have not sent the very large number of reminders it believes I have.

When I return to the event details screen from the editing screen, I see that IA Calendar thinks I sent ASAP reminders a few dozen times:

The above is about half the list. All of them show that I send multiple event reminders ASAP at 1:22 pm today, which, of course, is impossible.

This event is coming up on Sunday morning. I would like to set a reminder for three hours before the start time.

It is very difficult for me to understand why the old calendar has been deleted when this one is clearly not ready. I know there is no malice associated with making me deal with this, but it is so frustrating.

Event ID is 5671085

I have nothing more to say but need to reach 20 characters.

Just erase them

Thank you. I had no idea they could be erased.


That is a bug because Sent ASAP reminders are not supposed to count against the limit of 3. I’ll report this to the developers.

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