ASAP and Reminders

Since the ASAP is not functioning properly, can the day and week reminders be adjusted to allow for reminders to be sent out within the next day of creating an event.

Right now, the days max out at 31 days if that could be changed to 90 or 120 days, it would be incredible helpful. I have events that are 40 or 60 days out that I want to send out information on to collection registrations. If I could set that to 58 days, tomorrow a properly formatted email would be sent out to my parents.


@DarrenFerlazzo - the reminders already have hours, days, weeks and months as part the config

It would be nice to always have this. I think of summer camp and how we like to send a note 4 months out, 2 months out, 1 week out, 1 day before.

Yes, but days and weeks don’t go back far enough from the event date. Having better control of the days up to 120, weeks up to 16, months up to 4, would provide much better control, especially with the ASAP functions not working.

Exactly!!! it would be very helpful.

It is odd that they allow you to select months, but max of 1. I wonder if this is due to not yet turning off the old calendar system yet.

@Matt.Johnson - i think you may be onto something

ASAP Reminders will be fixed long before we could get the scheduled reminder distance extended.

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