Meetings not appearing in Den Leader Experience

I have been a leader for three years now and still can’t really get the hang of either version of scoutbook. But this year when my scouts moved up to Bears no meetings/meeting plans show up in the den leader experience anywhere. I cant even add electives as it just gives me a “no available electives” screen. It shows my den as Bear and all my scouts are there, just the meeting information is showing the last couple wold meetings in history and nothing else.

I can use regular scoutbook interface to enter advancement data for the kids as we finish activities, but am I missing something obvious? Is there a setting somewhere to tell the den leader experience to let me see the plans?

Thanks for any tips/advice!

DLE you have to “Set Up Den”

Oh man I feel dumb for missing that! I don’t remember doing it in past years but it must have happened. Thank you so much!

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