Den Leader meetings were deleted

I had deleted the den leader made meetings as I wanted to change them around. However now that we can change the dates I can not re add them. I get an error code stating it was already set up. Is there a work around or way to reset my den? Even deleting and re adding to Scoutbook.

Also. If I schedule a meeting in Scoutbook, say a pack meeting, the time shows an hour difference in the DLE.

right now a den can only be setup one time in DLE - they are working on the time issue

So I am SOL until they update?

Don’t think you will see that update - now what they are doing is hiding the meetings if unwanted - so if a DL decides to use it later they can just unhide them

So nothing I can do? Anyway I can delete the den or remake the den in Scoutbook?

that is an option to work around the issue

The following is from the development team:
“We are sorry to hear that your meetings were deleted and this has restricted your ability to create them again. We are working on clearing these meetings completely from your records (only the deleted ones) so that you are able to create them again. Information will go out once this has been completed.”

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