Can't update parent profile

Every time i try and update a parents information recently it takes me to the Internet Advancement page and then gives me this error

… I cub scouts we use Scoutbooks for all our information and they said they made a change to connect to internet advancement which appears not to capture the adult information. How am i suppose to update parent information IE Email address now?

This is a known issue. The developers are aware but at this time we do not know when a fix will be released.

The workaround is for the parent to log in to and update the information themsellves.

Thanks. Do u know why this change was made. Things seemed to be working fine. Why did they push an update. Did they do beta testing?

The old method was not working fine. It was causing the various DBs to have different contact information. By moving profile editing to IA, the SB DB and Akela are able to be updated simultaneously.

Testing was done but the decision was made to release with this known issue.

Ok thanks for the info. This is stuff I’ll get asked. Seems odd to launch something and then not be able to update it. I appreciate your efforts as always

I am trying to update the address and contact information in the Internet Advancement profile for a non registered parent. His ID is 13993869 When I click on “Save Changes” I get this message: “Error Input validation failed”. Is this the same problem or is this a different issue?
My Id is 1 3291 8598

@CharlesMcDonald Part of the adult’s address was missing. The council was also not set correctly in Scoutbook. I have done a sync. Please wait about 30 minutes and try again.