Capitalization issue

The Capitalization of my name is different in all the different Scout book related apps. Not sure where to find and correct the issues.

Assuming you have an account at my.scouting, is it correct in your profile at my.scouting? If not, you’ll need to talk to your council (I think) since it’s PII tied to your background check. It may take a day or two to propagate through the system from there if council updates it.

If it’s right at my.scouting, try editing your profile at IA2 ( If it’s already correct at IA2, try editing and un-editing it there (i.e. add and remove the change), then save. That should push out to Scoutbook. Also check the Preferred Name field to see if the capitalization is correct there. If so, you could try the edit/un-edit trick again.

I think the app pulls from my.scouting.

@RobertWillhelm that is fixed

it is correct in both of those places. Most recent place I had received seen it as incorrect was in a notification about an event.

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