Name Correction (Capitalization) in Scoutbook/IA


My family has one of those annoying last names with more than one capital letter. When our profiles were initially set up, only the first letter was capitalized. I want to make sure that my daughter’s record and awards reflect the correct capitalization. I contacted our council to get it corrected, and they were happy to make the change. I can see that they DID make a change in Internet Advancement, as the last name in the “Personal Information” section now correctly has the first and third letters capitalized. Unfortunately, the change did not flow to other places where the name appears, including other places in IA and in Scoutbook. Is there someone who can fix this so that the corrected last name capitalization appears in the IA profile and in Scoutbook?


@WhitneyD that is fixed - the council just did not take the next step

Wonderful! Thank you so much!

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