CAPTCHA... can it just go away?

Out of all the sites I visit on a regular basis, however CAPTCHA is tuned here on Scoutbook is the most aggressive. Pretty much every single time I login, I have to reverify, and it is a MAJOR PITA when on the phone… (usually fails 2 out of 3 times), and the PC, not that much better.

Is automated spamming that high of a concern/occurance on Scoutbook?
Can we get to a more secure authentication, like 2 simple 2 factor with an authenticator, or even get to the level where we can have the option for a token/key security option.

Are you using a new incognito or private window? This will cause the CAPTCHA challenge.

If you setup your ID to use Apple or Google login instead of BSA login, you will not get a CAPTCHA challenge.

At this time, I do not envision the BSA changing any of the login processes.

Nope, no icognito windows. Just standard Safari from my personal Mac, my work Mac, and my iPhone.
I want to avoid converting my BSA login to be tied to my Apple or Google SSO.

No, I don’t envision them changing it either, but really wondering what CAPTCHA is trying to protect from, as opposed to just being an irritant for authored users.

Foreign Bots clogging up the systems and making servers slower is what they protect users and the systems from

There were attempted security breaches that the CAPTCHA blocked.

I don’t know why you are getting repeated CAPTCHAs. When I used BSA credentials, I rarely got a CAPTCHA as long as I didn’t clear cookies. This was on iOS using Safari, Mac using Safari and Chrome and a PC using Chrome. Due to the Feature Assistant Extension I rarely use Scoutbook on a Mac or PC in anything other than Chrome.

No idea why… I have got through every remedy posted on how to minimize CAPTCHA requests… but pretty much if I have to login, I have to go through CAPTCHA. I use at least two different computers daily (if not three), and my mobile device. And doesn’t matter if it is Safari, Firefox, or Chrome… very very rarely am I not prompted to do the CAPTCHA.

It wouldn’t be so bad, if the CAPTCHA was reliable, I often have to go through 3 different “challenges” to get through.

And it isn’t like I don’t use Scoutbook often. I am in it 3-4 times a week, easily… if not multiple times a day.

I understand “what” it is used for. But typically it is applied on the registration screens, so automated bots can’t create fake accounts. But it can obviously used elsewhere. 2 Factor authentication also can serve the same purpose, as well as adding a second layer of security to the accounts.

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