Scoutbook infected by Recaptcha

I’ve been using Scoutbook since it was rolled out, and it demanded a Recaptcha in my login window tonight for the first time. I’ve seen other messages about Recaptcha that sound like some people’s environments require it. Since I’ve never seen it here before I assume you have recently made it a standard problem on Scoutbook.

Recaptcha turns Scoutbook from an essential tool to an annoyance. The cost to use Recaptcha is higher than the benefit of using Scoutbook. Please flag this in your bug tracking database as an extremely serious error in Scoutbook. I very much hope you decide to remove Recaptcha completely.

Thank you.

@GlennHolliday - ok… I have not encoutered this but you do you

The BSA has determined that Recaptcha is required. Apparently the system is thinking you are a bot which is why it is bringing up the Recaptcha window.

You can get around Recaptcha by using either Google or Apple login.

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I get it about 1/10. About 1/15 I have to do a whole page reload or close the tab and start over.

It works.

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I almost never get it when going to Scoutbook or this forum, and only rarely get it when going to Perhaps because I log in often enough.

But I seem to always get it when going to directly (e.g. for recharter). And when I do, it sometimes takes a few tries to get through the image challenges, moreso then most other sites. Sometimes I have to give up and just login to first, which is a (non-ideal) workaround.

Any system updates or changes to your ISP or routing instructions will cause Recapture to think you are logging into the system for the first time. I went for quite a long time without seeing it on my MAC, but now it pops up pretty regularly since a lot of system updates have been occurring. Just a little inconvenient and slows the login process a bit.

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Thanks for the technical justification and suggestions for workarounds. I’m surprised I triggered it only after hundreds of uneventful logins. Though I have a low opinion of Recaptcha (and the other evening it triggered me by presenting an unusually low quality grid of images), I understand that it is present in Scoutbook by choice.

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