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Scoutbook & Recaptcha

After seeing some comments about some users having to complete Recaptcha every time they log in, I did some research. Google uses cookies to help improve your Recaptcha scores. This means if you have your browser setup to delete cookies when you close the browser or are using incognito windows, Google doesn’t have as much history to make a more accurate decision. This explains why I get Recaptcha almost every time I log in to the Scoutbook test system (I use Incognito for testing) but rarely see it on the production system (normal window).

I asked the developers to provide me with the Recaptcha v3 statistics for the past week. The percentage of requests that caused Scoutbook to display the I’m Not a Robot check box (Recaptcha v2) is extremely low. The resolution of the graphs is such that I can’t accurate estimate the percentage beyond saying it appears to be under 5% of the requests and is most likely even lower.

Sometimes when you get the I’m Not a Robot box (Recaptcha v2) you are asked to click on a grid of photos. This is all under the control of Google.

Well, this may turn into more of an issue this Fall… by default the new Safari browsers in iOS and MacOS will favor more privacy by default and seek to limit tacking across sites (by Cookies - in essence almost incognito mode all the time). If what you say is true, then I suspect there will be a direct rise in reCaptcha, especially on Apple devices running the latest system. I know I am 100% for receiving a picture reCaptcha when I have to click “I am not a robot.”

When looking at the statistics, can they break them out or tease the data by browser or iOS type to see if the info is more telling?

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That makes sense to me; I deleted my cookies recently to address another issue. Now, how often do I have to log into Scoutbook before recaptcha decides I’m a real person and not a bot?


Good luck with that, @SteveCagigas. ReCaptcha has disbelieved my humanity for a long time. Of course, I’m an engineer, so the mistake is somewhat understandable… :^)


If they want security, I’d almost be more in favor of 2FA (or the option of it).

I’m a big advocate for multi-factor authentication, but you have to consider the tech-savviness (is that even a word yet, or did I just invent it?) of most of the users for Scoutbook. You have thread after thread of people complaining about the difficulties of using Scoutbook every time there’s a major change (or even some minor changes); even when it’s something that’s broadcast ahead of time and works pretty smoothly. Can you imagine the reaction to replacing the captcha with a phone app or hardware key?

I know. Definitely hear you and why I mentioned making it an option instead of reCaptcha. I’m with you 100%

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